[enterprise vision] build a high-quality brand of integrated wall

[core values] innovation, integrity, development, win-win

[product concept] excellent quality, green environmental protection, fashionable and elegant, creative and efficient

[business philosophy] environmental protection production, environmental protection responsibility, and common protection of the earth home

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   Henan bairun will environmental protection technology co., LTD. Is located in shangcai county industrial concentration area, the total area of 130 mu, is a research and development, manufacture and large home decoration materials production enterprises, products covered by the new decoration materials...

  • Franchise policy

    Franchise policy

    ( 1 )No shop operation: zero cost naked earn new mode;
    ( 2 )Regional agent: the monopolistic market will do everything to make the fortune;
    ( 3 )The seller: sit in the whole shop and enter the whole business
  • Advantages of outlook

    Advantages of outlook

    ( 1 )Consummate product manufacturer provides;
    ( 2 )Support the whole process;
    ( 3 )Intelligent quick installation, green and environmental protection
  • Application analysis

    Application analysis

    ( 1 )The collapse of forests is inevitable;
    ( 2 )Home decoration market growth rate decoration market engineering output value;
    ( 3 )The wall top is an integral intelligence quick fill the wall to adorn the new trend
  • 環保墻面,墻板廠家,護墻板廠家